NiSwap announces Community Rewards Airdrop.

NiSwap would like to inform that it seeks to reward its early followers with a special airdrop of its governance tokens.

To be eligible for Nickel (governance token for NiSwap) airdrop you need to:

1) Join NiSwap community on Discord

2) Retweet and follow NiSwap twitter account

3) Post an informative message about NiSwap in a crypto group (Telegram, Reddit or Bitcointalk) and share the screenshot in Discord.

4) Share your wallet address in Discord in order to receive the airdrop.

5) (optional for a bigger airdrop) If you write and post an article about NiSwap (300 words min.) you will be eligible for an additional airdrop entry, provided you followed all the aforementioned steps. Please share a link for your article in Discord in order to be eligible for a boosted airdrop.

The airdrop is planned to be distributed after NiSwap auction takes place on Balancer and is at the discretion of NiSwap Foundation.

NiSwap: Building The Future of Multi-Standard Cross-chain Decentralized Finance

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